Zeyao Li is a web developer, designer
and educator based in New York City.

I am Zeyao, and I transform the online presence of diverse brands through web development. I am currently a Senior Web Engineer at Ramp, where I design and code everything for its web presence, from landing pages to lead-gen tools and help Ramp establish a strong brand identity in the industry.
Previously, I led the development and helped refresh various brands' websites, including Glaukos, KLA, and Rubicon MD. I also developed the new Dropmark design system under Oak Studios. I was an Adjunct Professor at Hunter College and taught a Web Development course at Film and Media department at Hunter College (2021-2022).
In my role as a Senior Web Engineer at Ramp, I am responsible for the design and development of the company's marketing site, ramp.com, while also enhancing its overall web presence. Currently, I lead the engineering efforts for product launches, oversee the development of our brand design system, and focus on optimizing conversion rates on the marketing site.
I collaborated with our brand designers to create the 2023 Year in Review page, showcasing Ramp's achievements. Leveraging GSAP and SVG animation, we brought the data points to life, offering an engaging visual representation of Ramp's milestones throughout the year.
On Ramp Intelligence, we introduced Ramp's cutting-edge AI features to the market. To enhance user experience, we developed an interactive sub-navigation system, making it easier for users to explore and understand Ramp's array of AI capabilities. This project marked the beginning of our 2023 rebrand, incorporating a fresh color palette into our design system for a modern and cohesive look.
Thirsty Plant
A thought-provoking LED installation that illuminating the influence of social media. It springs to life, responding to the artist's Twitter activity, as likes and follows energize its existence. It raises questions about the captivating effects of virtual validation on our mental stimulation.
Laura Dern API
Laura Dern API is a fun project I built on the side, dedicated to celebrating our LGBTQ icon, Laura Dern. With this API, users can explore comprehensive information about her shows and movies, including images, characters, and release years. It's a playful and enjoyable resource for fans and enthusiasts to dive into Laura Dern's memorable roles and contributions to the entertainment world.
With Google DialogFlow, I crafted a retro chatroom experience featuring an AI bot designed to flirt with users based on their commands. This project delves into the intriguing intersection of AI sound and nostalgia, reviving the retro chatroom vibe. Additionally, it sparks thought-provoking discussions on the role of AI in fostering intimacy and human-like interactions in digital spaces.