I am Zeyao, a web developer and designer specializing in building sites and design systems for enhancing companies' branding and value and refining their audience's web experience. I am currently working at Ramp. I also teach Web Production at Hunter College as an Adjunct Professor.

Select Projects

  • Front-end DevelopmentMarketingFintech

    Web Engineer


    At Ramp, I work under the growth team, developing and maintaining Ramp.com (our marketing site) to drive more organic traffic, increase lead conversion, and establish a strong web presence in the fintech industry.
  • Front-end DevelopmentMarketingAgency

    Web Engineer


    At Pint, I led development for multi-region client marketing sites, built layouts and reusable web components and developed CMS infrastructure for clients
  • Front-end DevelopmentProductDesign System

    Frontend Developer


    At Oak Studio, I collaborated with designers and engineers on the newest Dropmark Design System, and developed its UI Component library with Next.js.
  • Full Stack DevelopmentVoice Technology

    Full Stack Developer


    With Google DialogFlow, I created a retro chatroom experience with an AI bot that flirts with you with your commands.
  • Full Stack DevelopmentMachine Learning
    I made a Tinder clone containing 100 non-existed boys I dated before with our dating stories generated from the OkCupid dataset.
  • Full Stack DevelopmentAPI
    Laura Dern API

    Full Stack Developer


    I designed an API and wrote its documentation that contributes to the ultimate gay icon - Laura Dern
  • Interactive InstallationTwitter API
    Thirsty Plant

    Individual Project


    A Twitter API controlled light installation on criticizing people's addiction of social media.
  • Web Design

    UX Designer, UI Designer, Ideation


    A social and movie streaming platform that connects LGBTQ+ community members through movies.