Broken Heart Museum

Broken Heart Museum


Design Technologist

Exhibition/Award: NYU Shanghai IMA Winter Show 2018

A web-based virtual reality bedroom that tells a non-linear story about love and loss.


Broken Heart Museum is a mixed reality museum that brings the visitor to the room of a broken heart. It explores using virtual reality to create visual storytelling of something fictional. The museum is heavily inspired by “Milk and Honey”, a collection of poetry that is written by Rupi Kaur, about the experience of violence, abuse, love, and loss.

The Museum experience takes the audience to go through three layers. It compares three different types of immersive experiences that people can explore nowadays (Traditional vs. Desktop Computer vs. Virtual Reality). While people start exploring the museum, I observe how fast the visitors can adjust to the immersions in each condition.



"Broken Heart Museum" is built with a-frame, a web VR JavaScript library, and p5.js. 3D models are mainly from Google Poly.

explore broken heart museum on the web

visitor explores the digital scene

visitor explores the museum in vr

project in the gallery