MC Joy

MC Joy

An external media controller that you can attach to your bike handle.

  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • My role: Product Designer, UX Researcher
  • Skill set: #ProductDesign #UXDesign #UserResearch


More people in New York City decide to bike around the neighborhood instead of taking public transportation, primarily due to the pandemic. However, controlling music is pretty hard for the bikers due to the busy street and its safety issue. MC Joy is a portable media controller that helps bikers change their music easily by pressing the button or pulling the joystick on your bike handle.

According to, “Nearly nine-hundred thousand New Yorkers (900,000) ride a bicycle regularly (at least several times a month)... On a typical day, there are over 510,000 cycling trips made in New York City.” Bikers have become a larger group in the city gradually over the years, thus we want to design a physical product that improves their biking experience.

Synthesis and Define

To get to know more of the biker community, we conducted six interviews (three all-year long bikers and three seasonal bikers) and went to the street to find observations. Our questionnaire includes the purpose of riding a bike, their biking routine, and bikers' relationships with pedestrians and drivers. From the interview, We found out that most of the interviewees rode bikes as a commute, and they tended to listen to music or podcasts to entertain themselves while biking.

After interviews and observations, we found our insight:

People want entertainment while biking.

After learning the biking incidents stats and bikers' behavior, we realized adjusting music on the road seems to be pretty dangerous to bikers. They usually have to pull out their phone from the pocket and unlock it to change songs, which can lead to an accident. Therefore, we found our opportunity of:

Provide a safer way to control media on the phone while riding.

Interviewing Bikers Interviewing bikers on their behaviors

Group discussions Card Sorting Session

Persona Persona based on our research and interview


Storyboard Storyboard of the opportunity

From the opportunity, we came up with a storyboard to help us break down our product's use and give us a clear understanding of the concept. We also sent out the storyboard to the same interviewees for their feedback. From the feedback, we learned that people love having an external controller attached to their bike handle.

From here, we have our primary concept:

An external media controller that you can attach to the bike handle. The media controller provides a safer and more convenient way to control the biker’s entertainment system via Bluetooth connection.


We made three lo-fi prototypes and a mid-fi prototype to test which kind of controller design fits our users' needs.

Prototype The left one has three buttons to control media assets, the middle one has a wheel controller, the right one has a button and a joystick controller

MidFi Prototype The mid-fi prototype contains a 2-axis joystick and a button. The user can press the button to play or pause song, and use the joystick to control volume and change songs.

User testing prototype Our user tested the prototype that we made

Product Highlights

Joystick Control

Velcro Material

Bluetooth Connection